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Clean Bubbles Laundry Detergent has DOUBLE the detergent concentrate per bucket. This means 2X more cleaning power so consumers save money by using less. Our Laundry Products contain the scents people love & adore plus the premium stain fighting qualities expected from the comparable national brands. From a stained t-shirt to an entire load of dirty clothes Clean Bubbles is the #1 choice to get the job done. Made in the USA formulated for use in Regular & HE Washing Machines.
Clean Bubbles Fabric Softener combines DYNAMITE softening agents along with floral scents of the seasons that will not only soften your clothes and tickle your nose so much that friends will smell the clean and assume your garments were fresh from the dryer.
Clean Bubbles Dish Soap is ROUGH & TOUGH on grease but gentle on hands with a pleasant smell. Only a small amount is needed to tackle the dirtiest pots & pans. Easy rinse and leaves no water spots. Great for use in all general hand dishwashing applications.
Clean Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner works EXTRA HARD so you don’t have to! Our all- purpose cleaners disinfects, deodorizes and clean your floors, countertops, shelves, baseboards, bathrooms, walls, toilets, pet areas and more while leaving a fresh scent.
Clean Bubbles Degreaser is a CONCENTRATED cleaner, degreaser and spot remover. Is strong enough to clean all things washable. Our degreaser can be used in the kitchen to clean floors, ovens, deep fryers, refrigerators, hood vents, walls, dishes, greasy towels & light fixtures. Other uses include cleaning blood stain, grease, wine, liquor, gum, oil, glue, coffee, fresh paint, varnish, hair dye, fruit juice, asphalt, chimneys, ducts, exterior, heavily soiled items, concrete, ceramic, tile, vinyls, air conditioners, brick, BBQ grills, gyms, locker rooms, showers, swimming pools, carpet cleaning machines, clothing, plastic, rubber, pet stains & much more.


Is your organization looking to sell premium quality detergent products and earn TOP DOLLAR profits? Look no further! The Soap Lady Fundraising program can help your group meet and “CRUSH” your fundraising goals this season.

The Soap Lady Detergent Fundraising Program is leading the detergent fundraising industry and offers consumers premium quality cleaning products for less money. We know you will be proud of what you sell to your supporters, and make good money doing it.   

The Soap Lady has an EXCELLENT product offering an amazing Guarantee & will be a huge hit and earn your group BIG Profits. Every household has laundry to do and detergent is a product they will need and continue to purchase. People have to buy their laundry detergent somewhere.... why not from you?  They get to help a local organization, they save money, and you make money! The program is a total WIN-WIN for everyone.

PROFIT!!.... Clean Bubbles® brand laundry detergents have DOUBLE the detergent concentrate percentage per bucket. That means 2X times more cleaning power so you use less. Our premium quality laundry detergents contain strong stain fighting ingredients along with pleasant floral scents your customers will love and adore. Whether it’s a pair of jeans or an entire load of laundry our detergents are ready to the handle job. When you take the “Awesomeness” of Clean Bubbles® combined with the top profit amounts we offer, it is just a No Brainer. You look like the fundraising Superheroes because people will love our products and actually start bugging you to get more as they run out!  It is a cost savings and big value to the buyer, so your customers and supporters save time and money vs. what they buy at the store, and it's always nice having an extra $30 or more added to the grocery store bill and the convenience of not having to worry about running out of laundry detergent every couple of weeks! 

Customer Service…. We do try our best to give every single organization both large and small, the BEST service we can. We will help answer questions and address concerns you may have to better service and help you crush your fundraising goals. 2 - 4 weeks is suggested to run a successful fundraiser in order to maximize your organizations full earning potential.

At The Soap Lady our products carry a "No Worries Guarantee”!  Should any of your supporters be unhappy with our products for any reason, we will exchange, replace or refund the purchase with NO PROBLEM. We believe 100% in our products and want to help your organization earn top dollar and exceed your fundraising goals. 


* Is Clean Bubbles® laundry detergent HE compatible?

Yes. All of Clean Bubbles laundry detergent products are HE comparable, biodegradable and safe for all clothes washers.


* Is Clean Bubbles® laundry detergent concentrated?

Yes. All of our laundry detergent is DOUBLE (2x) concentrated. This gives our soap a thicker consistency along with the need for only 1-2 pumps of product per load

*What is the savings purchasing Clean Bubbles® laundry detergent over the laundry detergent purchased in smaller containers in stores?

Prices vary among areas and so there is not an exact figure but if laundry detergent is sold by the groups at our suggested retail price it is 35%-40% savings over retail.

*What is the minimum order requirement?

We are not able to fill wholesale orders that are less than 2 pallets due to the wholesale pricing. (72 units)

*Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes. We also accept cash payments and approved business checks. We want to return the maximum profit back to the group as possible.

* How long should the fundraisers last?

We suggest no longer than 2-4 weeks to run a fundraiser in order to allow processing time, payment and delivery. We do not want customers wondering where items are and emailing questions of concern as to the length of time for delivery.

*How often can a group run a fundraiser?

We suggest sponsoring a fundraiser according to your groups need to raise extra funds. Seriously every 3 -6 months is optimal as this is around the time frame that users will begin to run out and begin contacting you for refills.

*Can we raise the cost of the product?

That is entirely up to you and your organization. We do not suggest raising the cost of the items because it will affect the value to the consumer and affect the number of sales. Long term it will affect the customer base that you’re building and impact future sales. Ultimately if you change the price it is up to you but we do not suggest it or prorate shipping in the case that it causes you to not meet your fundraising goal.

* Can we sell the 1 gallon household items along with the 5 gallon items?

Sorry. We do not offer any of our 1 Gallon size cleaning products in fundraising efforts. The reason is because it will encourage your buyers to purchase the lower cost items without trying our feature products and your group will in turn make less money. 

Now it’s time to turn loads of LAUNDRY into piles of CASH!

*All laundry detergents are formulated for Regular and HE machines*