NFORCER 5 Gallon

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N-Forcer is an economical and cost-efficient approach to raising high yield plants, yards & crops.

N-Forcer is a cane molasses-based solution that feeds soil microbes and helps create a bacterium responsible for converting atmospheric nitrogen into a form the plant can use.


Benefits of N-Forcer

• Increases nitrogen efficiency

• Boosts soil microbial activity

• Increases plant health

• Improves adhesion to leaf               surfaces

• Increases germination rate

• Enzymatically converts carbohydrates and nutrients for better bioavailability

• Makes animal waste more available for soil biostructure

Feed and invigorate plant and soil microbial life with N-Forcer.


Molasses Information:

The sugars in molasses serve as a chelating agent. Chelation is the breaking of chemical bonds, allowing nutrients to be more available to the plant and soil microbes. By adding carbohydrates to the soil in the form of molasses, nitrogen accumulates. This occurs through the growth of azotobacter and other nitrogen fixing organisms. Azotobacter is a bacterium responsible for converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for plant & crop use It is essential for an organic source of energy to be supplied for azotobacter to take nitrogen from the air.

Available in 5 Gal & 1 Gallon 

Larger amounts are available by request.